Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Queen Of My Castle....Where's My Crown?

Welcome to my queendom!

Funny how when I type that word it is underlined in the obnoxious red line from spell check! Does it not recognize it as a valid word? If a kingdom is a real word, why can't a qeendom be? Am I not the queen of my castle?

I like to think I am.

I like to think that I have every inch of my castle, every subject in my rule, every thing that lives, breaths, or just is withing my walls, under control. Sheesh....what fairy tale am I living in?

Well, I don't think we are too far off from having queendoms.

Dictionary.com lists this as one of the many definitions of kingdom - "anything conceived as constituting a realm or sphere of independent action or control: the kingdom of thought. " Change that word, apply the same definition, and there you have it....we have queendoms.

If you think about it, as moms, we create the primary "sphere" from which our children view the world. We have control over what we let into our castles. We can censor the media we let it, we can make the "laws" that govern the actions within our realms, we can even (at least until t hey are tween-agers") dictate the style of dress we will allow within our reigns. We can monitor, shape, and to some extent rule our queendoms. Ahhh.....the power!


Along with this great power comes an even greater responsibility. Just as a good king should, as queen, we must have limitless loyalty to those we are responsible for. We need to make sure that our queendoms are healthy places for them to view the world from. We need to give them love, respect, protection, grace, mercy and opportunity so that not only they, but our queendoms can prosper.

Every morning, I get up and place my crown upon my head. I wear it with great honor. It is not a crown made of gold and gem stones, but a crown of responsibility and love, adorned by the three most precious jewels ever created!


  1. I forget the exact quote but "heavy is the head that wears the crown". Yes. Huge responsibility. Huge rewards. And I also hate that red underline that says "I am right and you are wrong". Especially when I do not speak US English, but English English (in Australia).

  2. I ask myself that quite frequently also. My husband expects me to keep things in order and everyone expects everything of me. I often sit back and ask well darn it why is that no one acts like I am the almighty in this house lol. I'm not the dang maid as I said to my hubby the otehr day " I'm the Head Matriarch and expect to be treated as such" Mind you that was in the middle of a fight lol. Now I look back and think boy that was a bit over the top LOL.

  3. I have one amazing jewel in my crown, and I wear it with pride and love! :0)

  4. good morning AZ Mom you wear your crown beautifully. your blacksmith friend

  5. My Queendom is thriving. I take my job seriously...now, if I could only remember where I left my crown. Hmmmmm.

  6. yes but shouldn't the queen have lots of help with her responsibilities? I need a few ladies in waiting .... anyone? lmao


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