Friday, February 6, 2009

The Party Hat

Holidays, parties, family events, baptisms… name we plan them.

This month is big one for parties in our home. It seems like every weekend, we are celebrating for someone, something or some holiday. And, when it comes to the special days in my home, who coordinates? Why of course…the one wearing many hats.

This is not to say that Mr. Mom of Many Hats doesn’t help - he does and I am eternally grateful. But, the bulk of the coordinating the social calendars, navigating the emotional waters of the party recipient, deciding and preparing the menu, shopping for gifts, etc. is done by me.

Whether it is done out of need, love or obligation, I do it willingly.

Party planning is a necessary part of being a mom. Think about it. We plan parties or celebrations from day one of our momhood. We celebrate little milestones such as a first smile or rolling over. We document this in elaborate baby books - a form of celebration. We move on and up in the world of celebration coordination. We plan birthday parties, classroom parties, Christmas parties, and Easter egg hunts. We plan baptism, confirmations, and other religious celebrations. We plan graduations, weddings, receptions and baby showers. Plan, plan, plan, it never stops.

But even though if we add up all of the parties we have planned in our lives we could trump the Inaugural ball, we probably have no regrets over doing it. It is an extension of our love for our families, friends, and loved ones.

Our party hats are one of the beautiful and appreciated hats that we wear.

What "parties" do you plan?


  1. Gorgeous cake.. did you make it? Yep you're right being the momma makes you the event planner. I love planning family events.. Love the blog love reading about the awesome family you have.. My hat goes off to you sweet friend

  2. It seems our family only get together for a special party event: birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc. It saddens me to think that if we didn't have all these wonderful events, we'd never see our extended family. I think I'll go call my MIL. Great post as always Angie and by all means make sure you're visiting Free Birthday to save some money with those birthdays! :)


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