Sunday, February 8, 2009

Did Someone Call For A Taxi?

OK....if you have any kids, you can relate to this.

Get 'em up and moving in the morning, into the car, and at their schools by 9 a.m. Leave the school to get the grocery shopping, birthday party present shopping, pet care shopping (their pets of course) done, only to be interrupted by a call from one of your little ones at school, telling you she forgot her lunch. So, you turn the car around, head back home to get the lunch, take it up to the school, and then get back to your errands. You finally get home, unpack all of the things that you bought (for the little one's benefit of course) and leave again in 10 minutes to pick them up from their schools.

The race is on....

Pick up one at one school, then the other at another, drop one off at the orthodontist, get the next to soccer practice, turn around to get the one at the orthodontist. Then back to soccer practice where you get a 15 minute brake while she is finishing. You get her in the car plus three friends she's promised you would drop of at home. Drive, drive, drive and drop, drop, drop till all the kidletts that are not of your brood are in their respective homes. Get home in just enough time to make and eat dinner before it's time for the evening shift.

Off you go again, taking one to teacher conference night, one to youth group, and them both to a last minute trip to the craft store to pick up the supplies for the project that is due tomorrow that they somehow managed to forget about........

We are the in house taxi service. For the most part, we and our cars are at their beckoned call. And, or the most part, we have to oblige. (Believe me. It's in the job description, I checked.)

It is our job to make sure our children are where they need to be at any given time, whether that place be literal or figurative. We have a duty to make sure they arrive and return safely from where ever their destination may be. For the majority of the first 18 years of their lives we are in the driver's seat. If we are not in the driver's seat, we are in the passenger seat reading them the map while they figure out how to safely navigate the way to their destinations.

This taxi driver hat can be tiring to wear. It is sometimes repetitive and frustrating. It takes time, patience and perseverance. But, no hat I wear is an unimportant one. I wear it with pride, knowing that I am a steward of my children.

"Taxi....Taxi....." my duty calls....


  1. I can so relate to this one.. one has to go to practice while the other has to be at tutoring.. while you need to run to the store or pick something up.. too bad we can't charge them mileage. LOL just jokin. :-)

  2. What a beautiful way to look at an otherwise mundane (and maybe sometimes frustrating!) task!


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