Friday, February 20, 2009

CSI Mommy - Caution, Suspicion,Intuition

I'm not saying I don't trust my kids. I'm not saying that they have given me any reason to be suspicious or overly cautious about their motives, actions and words. I'm not even saying that I need to monitor them or look for a reason to not trust them.

What I am saying, is that as a mom, I have what you might call a 6th sense when it comes to my kids. I'm sure all you other moms can relate to this.

It is the sense of just knowing that something isn't right. It is that knowledge that when the house gets too quiet, it's time to do some investigating - mothers of smaller children can really relate to this. It's the feeling that when your son or daughter is pleading their side of an argument with their sibling, that there is more to the story. It's just knowing that when your daughter comes home from school and saying her day was OK, that her day wasn't. It is our intuition.

I don't know if intuition is encoded into everyone's being or perceptions. I have taken psychology in my studies and still don't really know the answer to that. What I do know, is that for me, my intuition has been an instinctual thing. From the moment by first daughter was born, I had an overwhelming knowing that I understood and knew her better than anyone could. That allowed me to "read" when something wasn't right. In fact, it still allows me to know when something isn't right with any of my daughters. Maybe it came from subconscious learning from watching my mom. Maybe it's ingrained in my DNA. Who knows?

Suspicion and caution are a part of intuition. If my gut (intuition) is telling me that something is out of whack, then I have a duty to cautiously investigate my suspicion. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. you think maybe CSI Mommy could be the next in the TV series? I bet the stories that the readers of this post have could support several season's worth of story lines!


  1. Caution = Caring
    Suspicion = Sensible
    Intuition = Intelligence

    Parents who care enough to check up on their kids are few and far between.

    I check up on my kiddos and their friends. I want them to know that I care & that I'm here if they need something.

    Somebody needs to be :)

  2. Great additi0on to the CSI....I agree totally. It may bug them now, but they will know that I cared enough to want to about what they were doing and checked on their well being.

  3. As a mom of 5 I have lots of great CSI Mommy stories.....just ask my kiddos

  4. So true! It never goes away. As a matter of fact just today I prayed that God would help me be the kind of mother my adult daughters need . What a gift each of them is in my life!

  5. I always say, "I am a bit Psycho.. tappin' into my ESPN."

    My son thinks it's freakish, but I think as mom it's totally innate.

    We always know if it's quiet someone is up to no good, and if the kitchen pantry is open after lights out... someone has crumbs in his or her bed.

    Great Post!

  6. LOL.. so true. I always know when something is up. And Yes I am a CSI mommy too... great blog..

    Love ya


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