Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crazy Little Thing Called Life

Life really is a crazy thing.  

The last couple of years has brought about so many changes, realizations and experiences.  From the loss of my sister, to the opening of my coaching and speaking business (Woman UP),  to the launching of kids into the world, to the transitions of my own aging... each new thing has brought a new realization.

Today, on the anniversary of my sister's passing - who was the same age I am now, I am feeling reflective about the things that I have learned about life.  So, bear with me, humor me, or reflect with me while I share.

What 45 years has taught me about life: 

  • It takes you on twists and turns that seldom fit into your plan. 
  • It brings you joys and challenges that you would never expect.  
  • It is painful in ways that break you down, but also in ways that allow you to be rebuilt stronger.
  • It provides opportunity for joy and service - IF you open your heart to those opportunities. 
  • It is intrusive when you choose to let it happen TO you, but a bit more polite when YOU happen to it. 
  • It is both happy and sad. 
  • It doesn't happen solely on the mountaintops or in the depths - it happens mostly at the horizon. 
  • It provides you with what you need, and what you don't. 
  • It is mixed up, but so ordered at the same time. 
  • It's full of colors blended in every way possible, but also starkly black and white. 
  • It rolls on whether we want it to or not. 
  • It is turned upside down, but always rights itself. 
  • It is either suffocating or liberating - depending on what we CHOOSE it to be. 
  • It is individual to each of us, yet so dependent upon others. 
  • It brings and it takes. 
  • It WILL bring moments, events, and experiences that you will never understand.
  • It will bring you wisdom if you listen to it. 
  • It is unexpected but expectant of us. 
  • It resists being controlled, yet requires us to take control.
  • It has its own balance - regardless of how we try to define it. 
  • It runs in a time structure that is known only to it - and no matter how hard we try to schedule it, it doesn't change its structure. 
  • It shows us, ultimately the things that are important. 
  • It craves being cherished. 
  • It despises being wasted. 
  • It wants to be stamped with our unique marks and purpose. 

Ultimately, what what this list shows me  is that "existing" is easy. - that's just a matter of showing up and breathing.  BUT LIVING.... LIFE... it's complicated, it's messy, it's joyful, it's painful, it's necessary, and it's worth it.  We can take charge of it, but we can't always control it.  That's OK.  We just need to honor it by bringing our best to it. Life really is a crazy thing.

Are you honoring life by bringing your best to it?


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