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Decorated Totes
Did you resolve to step into the New Year with a better you?

One way you can do that is by adopting the habit of using reusable shopping totes to reduce plastic and paper bag waste.  You could purchase reusable bags with store logos on them, or,  you can customize your own and tote your purchases with your own personal flare. With just a few supplies and a bit of creativity, you can easily create fun and fashionable bags that fit your personality and lifestyle.

Supplies Needed:
Plain shopping totes (canvas, cotton, or other fabric)
Stiff paint brush or sponge brush
Acrylic crafting paint
Fabric Medium
*Stencils can be pre-cut or can be made easily made by tracing desired shape on the paper side of contact paper and cutting out the shape with crafting scissors. The contact paper can then be removed from the paper backing and placed on object to be stenciled. 

To Make:
Lay the bag flat, smoothing out any wrinkles.  Place a barrier inside of the bag to catch any paint bleed through the material.  Choose the stencil and place it in the desired position on the bag. Secure the stencil with tape if needed.  Mix 4 parts paint to 1 part fabric medium.  Apply the paint to the stencil, being careful to not lift the edges of the stencil. The best results are achieved when using a tamping motion with the brush.  Leave the stencil in place while the design dries slightly.  Apply a second coat of paint if needed or desired.  Carefully remove the stencil before the design is completely dry.

Chunky stamps can be used in place of the stencils.  Use the 4:1 paint to medium ratio mix to cover the stamp and stamp the bags as desired. Note: Always do a test stamp on a piece of paper to see how the stamp transfers the paint.  If it is too heavy, consider using a paint brush to cover the stamp with paint rather than dipping the stamp into the paint.

Instead of paint for your creation, cut shapes and designs out of fabric scraps.  With an iron, fuse the fabric to the bags using fusible webbing found in the fabric section of crafting stores.  Always follow the instructions provided with the webbing for specific directions for use. This method works best on natural fabric bags.  Synthetic materials may melt with the heat of the iron. 

Easy Coffee Can Dye Shirt

Here is a fun and easy patriotic crafting project just in time for the 4th of July! With a few supplies and a few bits of time, you can create unique and fun designs to put some sparkle into your summer.

Here’s what you’ll need:

White cotton or cotton-blend tank
Red and Blue liquid dye
A coffee can
Rubber band
White acrylic paint
Fabric medium
Crystal or crystal look embellishments.

Here’s how you do it:

1.Wet the shirt and wring it out. Lay it flat and begin folding the shirt into a long rectangle, keeping in mind that the parts of the shirt that will take the most color on are the parts closest to the dye. Roll the rectangle into a log that narrow enough to fit into the coffee can with about an inch of room all the way around. Secure with a rubber band in the center of the log.

2.Mix the lighter (red) dye according to the package directions and fill the can about half way- keeping in mind the height of your rolled shirt. (The dye should reach up to about half of the height of the log when it is in the dye.)

3.Stand the log on end in the coffee can. The dye should reach about halfway up the shirt. Let it sit for about an hour. Go grab a cup of coffee, run an errand, catch up on your great summer read.

4.Carefully remove the shirt from the dye. Leaving the shirt rolled, run the log under hot water, letting the water run from the top of the un-dyed end through the bottom of the dyed end. Continue until the water runs pretty clear. Squeeze any excess water out and repeat steps 2-4 with the  darker (blue) dye.

5.Unrole the shirt and rinse in hot soapy water until water runs clear. Let it dry.  

6. Mix 2 parts white acrylic pain with 1 part fabric medium.

7. Lie shirt flat with a barrier layer between the front and back of the shirt. Stencil on stars in desired pattern.

8. Embellish tips of stars with crystals if desired. Enjoy!!

ALWAYS handwash this project separately. It may bleed to other fabrics if washed together.

The tighter the shirt is rolled, the lighter the interior of the roll will be. Looser it is rolled, the more colorful the interior. 

You may want to wear plastic gloves while doing this project. Dye may stain your hands.

Crafting With Fabric (See Video Here: )

Crafting with fabric scraps and re-purposed picture frames is an excellent way to get your crafty on while staying out of the heat and adding cool décor to your home.  Depending on your budget of both time and money, this craft can be tailored to what you are comfortable in spending in dollars and effort. 

What You Will Need:

For all of the variations you will need:
  • Picture frame (free – about $4.99 at salvage stores)
  • Fabric (free – varying depending on fabric selection and size needed)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Acrylic paint and paint brush if needed

Find a picture frame to your liking.  Salvage stores, garage sales and even your garage are great places to find wonderful frames that are perfect for this project.  Wooden frames can be lightly sanded and painted with acrylic paint if you wish.  Find a fabric that matches your décor or project vision.  If you are a crafter you may already have scraps.  If not,  you can use an old piece of clothing, a cloth napkin, a scarf, or you can by a small measure at a crafting store.  (Stay away from tight woven polyester as glues and paints don’t adhere as well). Cut the fabric to the size of the inside of the frame (at least as big as the frame glass).  Adhere the fabric to the frame backing using double sided tape or adhesive. Flatten out the fabric so it is a smooth surface to work on.

For the quick/more costly variation (blue background) you will additionally need:
  • Adhesive wall decorations found in the home décor section of crafting stores (From about $10 at crafting stores)

After you have prepared your smooth fabric covered surface map out where you want your decorations to sit on the fabric.  Adhere the decorations to the fabric.  Place the back in the frame.
For the mid price/mid time variation (black background) you will additionally need:
  • Acrylic paint (2oz bottle $1.29)
  • Fabric Medium (2oz bottle $2.00)
  • Brush or sponge
  • Stencil  (From $1.99 at craft store or can be hand cut from cardstock)

Mix the acrylic paint in the color of your choice with the fabric medium at a ratio of 3/1 (ie. ¾ oz paint and ¼ oz medium).  Place the stencil on the fabric where desired and secure with tape.  Using a brush or sponge, carefully tamp in color to the stencil to the desired opaqueness, being careful not to lift the edges of the design.  Carefully lift the stencil. Let the design dry and insert into the frame.

For the least cost/most time variation (gold background) you will additionally need:
  • A pencil
  • Additional fabrics
  • ideas
  • Time

Using additional fabrics to embellish the flat surface, let your mind and your ideas take over.  Cut shapes, color block, or draw freehand and cut out designs from the fabrics that you love. Use double sided tape or small amounts of glue to adhere your designs.  Let your creativity flow and enjoy the end result.

Coffee Filter Wreath for the Coffee Lover in Your Life! 

50-60 Coffee filters
Wire (or wire coat hanger)
Cut about 2 feet of wire and bend into a circle. You can use a wire coat hanger - unravel and straighten. Cut to length and bend back to a circle. 

Bend a loop at one end

Fold coffee filters in half, one at a time. 

Stack coffee filters two at a time.

Use the wire to "thread" the two-stacked filters (run the wire through eat set 5-7 times). 

When all are strung (there should be a few inches of wire left, connect the ends of the wire.

Evenly space the set of filters, and then fluff by separating the filters. 

 Add a ribbon and hang. 

  DIY Cake Plates! 

Use your imagination and creativity to create these beautiful cake plates.  A fantastic way to repurpose items into display pieces, gifts, and practical wares for your home!

1.     Choose your top piece and base – making sure they are stable together.  Check for food safe information if it will be used for food. Keep in mind that the heavier the top, the shorter the base, and that the top piece should be no wider than about twice the width of the widest portion of the base.
2.     Clean both pieces making sure that both are free from oils, adhesives and dirt. 
3.     Measure the top piece diameter and the diameter of the portion of the base that will be adhered to the top piece.  Find and mark the top piece at the points that center the base to the top.
4.     Use a THIN line of clear adhesive sealant around the perimeter surface of the base (found in the adhesives isle if home improvement stores) and affix the base to the top piece. Leave it upside down till the adhesive dries – about 4-6 hours.  For best results wait about 24 hours.
5.     Carefully turn over the cake stand. Supporting both top and bottom, check to see that the adhesive is firm.
6.     Apply another bead of adhesive to the edge where the two pieces come together and smooth.  Let dry until clear.

Keep in mind that you won’t want to  submerge the pieces.  For best results wipe clean.

DIY Summer Finds Shell Pendants! 

Varnish, Modge Podge Dimensional Magic
Shells, String/Ribbon Chain
Bales, Crystals, Pearls, Hot Glue
Finished Pendants! 

Get Organized!

I LOVE to get my crafty on, but my organization skills when it comes to my supplies is a bit.... well.... lacking. The prospect of getting all of my stuff organized is so overwhelming. Scissors, tape, glue guns, pens, sewing needles, paint, glitter, scrap paper, you name in, it is in my supplies.  Every time I feel the creative part of me nipping my heels, I dig through boxes and boxes to find what I need.  It takes up so much horizontal space and working surface area. I know I need to get a handle on it, but it drives me up a wall!

Regardless, it has to be done.

In Mom of Many Hats fashion, I tackled the job of organizing head on, finding a solution to my organization issues and strife, as well as the frustration of the crafting supplies taking up my surface space.  I decided to not let it drive me up the wall... I decided to put it ON THE WALL!

Using a prefab shelf piece (only cost about $3.50)  some coffee/coffee drink cans I had been saving for just the right project, a couple of mug hooks and some magnetic strip, hot glue and screws, I put my creative hat on and got to work!

First, I took the coffee/coffee drink cans and placed them on the shelf board in a pattern that is both appealing and functional.  I placed the plastic lid on the bottom of the cans for an extra bit of stability and a bit of non slip security.  When I had them in the pattern I liked, I took a dab of hot glue to temporarily affix them to the shelf board.

Next, I used a small 1/2" screw to permanently attach the cans to the board.  It took a bit of elbow grease with a manual screwdriver, but it was made much easier by using the end of the screw driver to punch a small lead hole in the bottom of the cans.

Once all of the cans were affixed, I added a few cup hooks and magnets for hanging supplies that wouldn't fit in the cans, or that were metal and could easily bond to the magnets.  I added a sturdy hanger on the back to hang it on the wall. I filled them with my commonly used crafting supplies.

When all of the hooks, magnets, and cans were affixed, I had a ready to use craft supply center that not only keeps my supplies out of the way on my work surfaces, it keeps them at my fingertips, on the wall.  It was an inexpensive way to solve my organizing angst and a way to recycle, reduce, and reuse the coffee cans that could clutter a landfill or continue cluttering the shelf in my pantry.

A bit of innovation, determination, and recyclization (ok I made that last one up), and you too, can have a handy caddy to hang on your wall for your crafting, or other supplies!

If you found this project useful or if you have tried it out, please post a comment below.  Feel free to Pin, Tweet, FB, Link, Digg... or any other form of sharing.  I love to hear your feedback!

Adorably Practical Caps!

This morning as I was rushing to get out the door for the usual Saturday rush of activities - I once again wished I had a nice and fashionable black hat to don my head.  I've thought the same thing a thousand times, and always settled for a cap that didn't quite match. I'd just grab what I could to put atop my head. Little did I know at the time, that my afternoon project would not only grant my wish for a  fantastic black cap, but it would also be a fitting project for an AZ Mom of Many Hats, and a tribute to National Craft Month.

made one... and you can too!
Here is how you can take a plain cap and make it an original masterpiece - in about an hour. 

Start with a plain cap. You can purchase a new one, or go to your trusty ball cap collection and re-purpose one that you already have. Which ever you choose what you end up with will be beautiful and unique!

Cut pieces of fabric scraps into designs that you'd like to see on your hat.  I wanted a floral theme on mine and happened to have a piece of fabric with flowers printed on them. Press the pieces with an iron to eliminate any wrinkles. Place the pieces on the hat in the positions that you want to adhere them in. If you can, try to put the cap on your head so you can see what it looks like on - sometimes it makes a difference in how the final placement looks. 

When you are happy with the placement, use fabric glue and tack down fabric in the center of the piece.  Do this will all pieces. Once all pieces are tacked, use a brush or toothpick to apply more glue to the edges of the pieces. Note: My glue favorite is Gem Tack Flexible glue by Beacon - it's for adhering gems, but works wonderfully for this project.

Once they have dried, use a tooth pick to place dots of glue around the edges of the fabric and adhere rhinestones.  Let it all dry - and in about an hour you have a fantastically fashionable cap! 


Stamp it UP! Create Fun and Fashionable Clothing!

A fun and easy stenciling technique that will help you wear your crafting hat with style and ease! Create original and fashionable gifts for the holidays and still be friendly to your budget!

Stamped T-Shirts

Embellished Flip Flop Project

Fashion Stenciling Project

Adorably Spooky Halloween Ghost Project


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