Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fortyness..... Caging Your Big Green Parrot....

On some days, in the calm of the Pasadena California afternoon, the peace can be broken by the unmistakable and out of place shrill squawks of green parrots. Theses parrots aren't part of someone's aviary or pet store. They aren't the "little old ladies'" companions sitting on their little wooden stands in the windows of the city. They are wild yellow headed amazon parrots that live and breed in the trees of Pasadena. For those of you who are geographically challenged..... Pasadena, California is really, really far from the amazon. There are lots of theories about how the parrots got into the wilds of Pasadena, from smugglers releasing their stash, to a bird store fire mishap, to owners releasing them because they couldn't keep them. Maybe no one will ever know the whole truth about how they got there, but the point is they are there.

These parrots started from just a couple of birds and now have multiplied into whole flocks of birds that have not only survived, but thrived. They perch in the palms that line the streets of the humble city screeching to make their presence known. There are actually committees and projects dedicated to the feathered palm frond ornaments. The birds, that had they originally been kept caged or confined, now require the time, energy, manpower, resources, clean-up services (you know what happens when birds perch), and commitment of the fine people of Pasadena.

So here's the big question.... WHAT DO GREEN PARROTS HAVE TO DO WITH FORTYNESS????

Those green parrots are like irritants, problems, issues, or vices that may now be consuming in this part of life - in fortyness. It could be something like recognizing that all those years you thought you were easy going, you realized that you were really always accommodating - and you're tired. It could be an issue in a relationship that was easy to overlook when you were younger, but now is an overwhelming hurdle. It could be a vice that you thought you could indulge in occasionally and keep it in check, but now runs your life. All of them started as a parrot that was let loose and eventually took over. In it's beginning, it seemed harmless- after all, what is one bird in an entire city? But, like the birds, it multiplied and now inhabits, and can inhibit existence because of the energy it takes to manage it.

But, it's not to late to do something about it. With the wisdom you've gained throughout your life experience, should have no problem identifying your parrot (be honest with yourself now). Figuring out how to catch the bird may take a bit more effort, but it's not impossible. You've lived a lot of life already and come through a lot of things. You can do this. Confining your feathered "friend" takes dedication, determination, and a desire to truly change things. It will be worth it. Life can be so sweet, so peaceful, and so clean if you find the way to cage your big green parrot.

* Image by http://www.flickr.com/photos/petepictures/