Monday, February 6, 2012

In The Blink Of An Eye

Where does the time go?

I thought it was only yesterday – but I guess I am wrong.  The memories are so clear and the feelings so real.  That day I brought her home – how can that have been 15 years ago?

As I have gotten older, time just seems to fly by. 

When my kids were young – when I was young, time just seemed to tick by so slowly.  The days, at times seemed endless. Running after little ones, doing laundry, and keeping the little ones occupied stretched the minutes, and often my patience to the limit. Tantrums, potty training, battles of the wills, bedtime drama, all left me worn and tired.  And although the days seemed so long, night and sleep never seemed long enough.
I remember the looking for, hoping for, and waiting for the next milestone with such anticipation.  Will she tie her own shoe today? Is today the day she will dress herself?  Is she going to have as much fun at school as I will have in my couple of hours of alone time? Anticipation, waiting, and rejoicing when the times finally came were the norm.  Not because I was anxious to have grown up children, but because I wanted to see them learn and grow.  And let’s be honest, as they grow, the physical demands of motherhood change.   As they hit those milestones, I looked forward to some of my own energy, time and sleep back.

But, now, it moves so quickly.  It was in the blink of an eye, my family grew up.  My little girls have become young women and are beginning to step out into the world as independents.  Each day passes by before I know it and I am one step closer to having grown three adults. 

It is a happy, but also a sad thing for a mom.  I still look with anticipation for the milestones they will hit – driver’s license, turning 18, graduating from college, starting a career.  I look forward to watching them spread their wings and soar, but I also feel the pang of not having them in my grip.  The desire to loosen my hold and the demands it brought are replaced by a desire to hold on and say “don’t go yet!”

Isn’t that the way?  The times we don’t want to end seem to end way too quickly. 

As  I watched my youngest daughter blow out the candles to celebrate her 15th year of life, I was struck.  My time as the everyday, every action influence is limited.  It will move fast.  It will be gone before I know it, and I will have raised three beautiful and capable women. 

So for now, I will make the most of the time I have with them.  I will cherish every moment, each memory, and each milestone.  I will hope for them, dream for them, love them, and do my best to prepare them.  The days that I had to drag time along behind me have passed.  Now it runs in front of me, outpacing me.  I will hang on to the memories in my heart and mind, for I know that I can’t capture the time and keep it still.  

How about you? Has time passed by in the blink of an eye? How are you cherishing the moments? 


  1. I know exactly how you feel Angie. Joel I now 16, December 27th, so I had all the same thoughts just a few months ago. Although I too hate letting go of them, I also am embracing a new life. A life I gave up and so become a mother. Now it will be me again. Time to focus on the last chapter of my life and how I choose to spend it. Of course and always first in my life will be my children and hopefully one day grandchildren but I am looking forward to rediscovering me. The new me the more mature me...will she be similar to the Vicki of long ago? For this I am anxious to begin the journey.

  2. Those moments,days and years are so real to me, still. Could not read this without tearing up Angie. So much ahead. So many experiences that will bind you together in a different way as a family...some difficult, some full of joy... but you have a bond that cannot be broken. I am so proud of you and your sisters and the women you are!

  3. ...And I am so proud of my grandchildren!

  4. My favorite comic strip - of all the ones I've written - was called "Blink of an Eye" and it is exactly about what you've written. Once we have kids, time goes by oh so much faster.

  5. My mom is 74 and still calls me her little boy. Moms rock. Time passes far too quickly. Another reminder for us to grab on to now, any chance we can!

  6. this kind of relates to me..i do exactly what u say..bed time drama, potty..

    each day, I wish my twins grow up soon to make me rest, still feel deep down that they remain babies.. crying and dependent on me

  7. Vicki, It is so exciting to watch them embrace new life. Everyday as I watch them discover something new about themselves or about the world, I am so proud to be their mom!

  8. Cherie, (MOM) Thanks! Thanks for being such a good example of how to be a mom! :)

  9. Bruce.... I just love your comic strips! Somethings touch a parent's heart in the same way, regardless of whether we are mom or dad!

  10. Kneale, Yes, regardless of how old our children are, they are always our babies! Thanks for the props for moms!

  11. Devasena - We want them to grow so quickly, but then we miss when they needed us so much. Good luck in raising your twins. The time is precious.

  12. Kneale, Yes, regardless of how old our children are, they are always our babies! Thanks for the props for moms!


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