Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why do I Blog?

I'm not sure what exactly it was that prompted me to start this blog. Maybe it is because I have some deep rooted need to discover who I am outside my obvious roles and hope reaching out in cyberspace will be an incredible journey of discovery. Maybe it's the lure of the new and important role that blogging plays in the dissemination of information. Maybe it is the fact that my middle daughter turned 14 today and.......

Yeah, it's the last one. She turned 14 today, and......well...I am starting to feel old. Not so much in my chronological age (some of you know what that is, to those who don't, it's not polite to ask a woman her age!) It's more in the fact that I am not as savvy in the way a lot of the world is now communicating.

I used to think I was up to date and doing well because a lot of my communication is through e-mail. Even I, who actually loves to get handwritten notes and cards via-snail mail, gave in to the technological convenience of connecting from my computer instead of through my mail box. However, it seems I have fallen behind again.

All of my daughters are way above me when it comes to technology and alternate forms of communication. If you just compared by texting speed, my daughters could text an entire set of encyclopedias (Yes, the hard-back book kind, not cut and pasting from a web page or cd-rom) in the time it would take me to text a sticky-note. When my oldest daughter first told me she was IMing her friends, my first thought was YouAre-ing what? The days of ringing land line phones to make plans to get together with friends has been replaced by a ding from the laptop or a text message chime from a cell phone.

Maybe this blogging will catapult me into the technological present. Maybe I'll will find that journey of discovery or be part of that critical chain of information. Maybe I'll just be sore from the jolt of the catapult.

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  1. I hear that advil is great for catapult pain....good job!


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