Thursday, September 11, 2008

Patriotic American Hat.....

Today, September 11th, I am choosing to wear a Patriotic American Hat.

If you were to ask people what that hat looked like, you would probably get a variety of different descriptions, maybe even none that were exactly the same. Some might say that the hat looked like marching in a parade that supported, celebrated or protested something. Some might say that it looked like standing up for a particular cause. Others might say it looked like speaking out against that same cause. To others it may look like service to country, service to family, or service to community. To some it may be simply displaying a flag, exercising their freedom to practice their religion, to live freely and according to all the other rights guaranteed to us through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

For me on this day, it looks like this. I remember and pray for all those who lost loved ones seven years ago. I am grateful for all those that pulled together to help those who were victims. I am grateful for those who came together to provide emotional support to those who needed it. I am thankful that I live in a country that I allows me a voice in the future of this country. I will not live in fear. I will love my family, my community and my country. I will hold to my faith. I will encourage my children to appreciate and exercise the rights that they have, and to not take them for granted.

What does your hat look like?

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  1. Loved your Patriotic American Hat. Great springboard for thought. Gave a lot of thought about my Patriotic Hat. It is full of gratitude for our veterans. For those now serving and those from the past. My 3 brothers who all served their country in the Air Force. For the veterans who have died, and also for those who now have to live with the consequences of war that have harmed their minds and bodies. I am full of gratitude for the young people from my high school who graduated only to be called to the Vietnam War. Some did not come home. (Although my Vietnam War POW bracelet has been long lost, I do still pray for the soldier whose name was on that bracelet ) Don't wear my hat enough. Thank you for reminding me!


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