Friday, September 12, 2008

Is There Anything I'm Good At?

Boy! Some days I feel like I'm just not any good at anything!

This morning I woke up 45 minutes late. My kids in turn were running late to school. My house was (still is) a mess - didn't get the dishes unloaded last night or the laundry done or the miscellaneous clutter put away. As I picked up a friend to take to our Women's Group at church, I apologized profusely for the mess that my car was...and for being late. I over-scheduled my youngest daughter's activities for the weekend, forgot to pick up my middle daughter's glasses, again didn't get to the grocery store, and realized that we are having a family birthday party in two days that I haven't even begun to plan for. Can't I get anything right?

I bet a lot of women have mornings like this.

In the midst of all the things we think we are doing poorly, it's really hard to see the things we are doing well. We are so busy taking care of so many things each day, that we lose perspective. Routines take over...for many of us, it is like running on auto pilot, and we fail to see that what we are doing takes talent and skill. Sometimes (especially for moms of younger kids) it seems like our brains have gone to mush and we couldn't pull out an intelligent thought to save our lives!


There are so many things that we are good at - even experts at. For those of us that have kids, we can honestly say that we are experts on our children. We are the experts of our households. We are the experts of ourselves. Some of us are experts in the kitchen. Some of us may be experts in crafting. Some of us may be experts in teaching, organizing, listening, business, name it. Every one of us can find something that we are an expert at.

We shouldn't feel like we are boasting to admit that we are good at things. We shouldn't be embarrassed to say "I make the best"....or, "I am really good at"....or, "I know a lot about...". We certainly shouldn't worry that we might be judged if we recognize our own strengths.

So, here is a challenge:
Find three things today that you can say you are good at and don't be afraid to let someone know - call a friend, e-mail, post a response.

The three things I can think of today are:
I am an expert at loving my children. I know a lot about saving money. I make a rockin' spaghetti sauce.


  1. Good idea, we SHOULD remind ourselves of what we're good at. Let's see... I'm always on time, or early - can't stand to be late! I'm good at keeping in touch with lots of friends all over the place - thank goodness for email! I'm generally pretty considerate of others - can't stand people being thoughtless! Not too creative, but better than nothing, eh?

    Good post :)

  2. I'm glad you liked the post. This is something that is near and dear to my heart.....I forget often that I do have good things to offer to this world. Thanks for taking the challenge!!

  3. Great post! I am good at walking in faith, loving people, and finding humor in hard situations! :0) I also appreciate those who are expert in the thousands of things that I am not!

  4. Hey Amy!!...Love you always my beautiful sister.

  5. WOW what a great challenge!! Three things I am good at: designing websites, planning special events and scrapbooking:) WOOHOOO!!!

    Nice to meet you by the way, thanks for joining the Moms In A Blog group at MBC:)


  6. What a challenge....had to think lots but then realized the following: I'm great a packing a purse full of things people might need. I am gifted at communicating with the elderly and spending time with mentally ill people others may shun. I am really great at loving my husband & kids and their families. Although I'm not so good in the kitchen, I am an expert at using bleach. Love reading everyone's comments.

  7. Hi betsyr, you sound like the kind of grandma that just might make a big deal out of holidays like 4th of July......Hi Mom!

  8. My house is always a mess and I am always late myself...but three things I am good at...hum...loving and taking care of my family, spending money :) and being a wonderful friend! Nice post! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)


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