Thursday, December 4, 2008

When You Wish Upon A Star

Do you remember any Christmas wishes from your childhood?

Did you wish for a certain toy?Did you wish for the doll that really ate and needed her diapers changed or the more rough and tumble Stretch Armstrong?

Maybe it wasn't for a thing at all. Maybe you wished for simply catching a glimpse of the man in the red suit just so you could truly know that he was "real."

Christmas time was an amazing time in my home while I was growing up. We always felt blessed by what we received each Christmas morning. But, I don't remember having any big wishes for anything in particular while I was growing up. I don't remember being up all night hoping that a certain doll or bike was under the tree when I woke up. I didn't wish on the first star I saw on Christmas Eve asking that I would be able to spy on St. Nick as he unloaded his sack.

What I do remember is the anticipation of the surprise of the mornings events. My stomach would be full of butterflies as I took my stocking off of the fireplace and slowly pulled out the tangerines, walnuts, sugarless gum and other goodies that were hidden inside. By the time we were ready to unwrap the gifts under the tree, I could have burst with excitement. I never knew, or even had a desire to know what I was getting before I unwrapped it. Every gift I opened was a new and often unimagined treasure. Whether it was the craft "busy box" full of macaroni, glue, scissors and string my mom had put together, or the three life-size dolls she had hand sewn - one for me and my two sisters, each gift was special, loved, and created memories that last to this day.

None of my gifts were what you would call extravagant. But every one was mysterious, exiting and a treasure. Because they were given out of the depths of the love that my parents had for my sisters and me, they were all priceless.

Maybe I will wish upon a star this Christmas season. But when I do, my wish is that my children will not wish for things, but instead that they learn to treasure the love, excitement and mystery of Christmas.


  1. What a priceless treasured gift you just gave me!

  2. You paint a wonderful holiday. I am pretty sure my girls love and wish for toys and goodies, but just recently I posted about my 7-year-old loving being inside with the fam all cozy during a snowstorm. That made me pretty happy!


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