Friday, December 12, 2008

A Light Unto My Path

This week, I had the opportunity to attend a Luminaria event at the botanical gardens where I work.

It was an amazing and awe inspiring sight. In the dark of the desert night, candle bags lined the edges of the paths through the garden, illuminating the desert pathways that meander through this little piece of the desert southwest. The flicker of the candles burning inside cast shadows of the flora and fauna that make the botanical garden, well, the botanical garden. Even though the garden was under the veil of darkness, our footsteps were illuminated by the oh-so carefully placed lanterns, allowing us to find our way in a very dark night.

Now of course the garden couldn't be transformed without the hard work and hard planning of many employees and volunteers. The paths of the garden needed to be set with almost 8000 luminaria bags and lit and extinguished each night of the event. (Believe me, this was a big job. I worked one night as a candle lighter and snuffer!) There were those that tended the paths, directing people to different events and entertainment of the evening. There were those that had to manage crowds, provide security, monitor parking and keep patrons nourished and hydrated with various foods and libations. There was an amazing master plan in place to ensure that the visitors found their way through the garden.

This Christmas season, I will do my best to keep my focus, as well as the focus of my family on the light that has been given to each one of us by the Master of all - through His master plan. I will do my best to carry the lamp that illuminates our steps through life. I will keep my eyes drawn to the light of the world, Jesus Christ.


  1. Angie..

    Thank you for the reminder. Beautifully written and a great photo to meditate by. Love your blog..always. Makes me a little embarrassed that I am so "no filter" and your entries are so thoughtful and thought provoking.

  2. Thanks Christy. I love your blog and that you can write so "no filter" as you call it. I think it is entertaining and honest. I like that you write in a "spoken" voice.

  3. What a beautiful event for you all to participate in. You have done a great job carrying your lamp! It is well to remember there is a master plan and we have been give such a wonderful gift in Jesus.


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