Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

OK....So I have heard that if you verbalize your goals to others, it creates a sense of accountability and increases your chances of succeeding. I am pretty good and following through with the goals I set, but I figure voicing them to all of cyberspace to witness couldn't hurt.

This year, as in years past, I am setting goals in 5 areas of my life.

1. Family- I will continue to love my family with everything I am and have. I will work to be an example of strength, determination, health and honesty so that my daughters can be an example of the same- now and when they have grown and have families of their own. I will treasure my family, especially my husband and daughters, every day.

2. Friendships- I will consciously look for opportunities to build friendships and connections with others. Although I know that friendships are an important for me, I will do my best to make sure my motives for these friendships are altruistic and not selfish.

3. Health- I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle, keeping active and being aware of the things that I do to and put into my body. I will remain aware that how I treat my health and body affects how my daughters treat themselves.

4. Faith- I will hold fast to my faith, especially in these trying times. I know that God is in control and that He has a plan for my life.

5. Education- I will continue to further my education, remembering that some of the greatest knowledge I gain will not come from books, but from life lessons and those around me.

Now, I know these seem like generalities. But I have learned in my life that I have to build on these general foundations. The specific goals just seem to come along on their own once I have worked on the general stuff.

I wish that all who read this are as blessed in the New Year as I feel I have been. Thank you for helping me be accountable to the goals I have set, and thank you for taking an interest in AZ Mom of Many Hats.


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