Monday, October 6, 2008

Go Pink!

If you have been anywhere this month, you have probably seen the barrage of pink everything, everywhere. The sudden invasion of the oh, so happy, oh so rosy, oh so PINK is a result of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Retailers are participating in cause related marketing - the cause being breast cancer awareness. According to *, cause related marketing is when a profitable company partners with a non-profit organization to promote their product as well as to benefit the non-profit.

I know that some may disagree with tugging at the heartstrings of the consumer in order to get them to buy a particular product. I know that some may say that it makes people "feel" like they are being charitable when they are really getting something in return. I know some may think that it is just plain corporate greed to try and increase sales by using the color pink.

Well let me go on the record as saying....I don't care! I don't care that people are making money - so is breast cancer research. I don't care if it tugs at the heartstrings - we could all stand to have our heartstrings tugged if it means we become more aware of breast cancer. I don't care about whether or not people are "giving" for the right reason - this can be mutually beneficial to the consumer, the corporation and the non-profit organization.

What I do care about is finding a cure for breast cancer. I care about my sister who has inflammatory breast cancer. I care about my cousin who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I care about my daughters, my mother, myself, my friends, and anyone who will in some way be touched by breast cancer- unfortunately that will probably be everyone.

So, go ahead. Give into the temptation to purchase the cereal with the pink ribbon. As you are starting your holiday shopping, mosey on over to the rosy hued end cap of pink water pitchers. That cute pink t-shirt, it's just calling your name. Go ahead. GO PINK!

P.S. Coming up next... I'll share some items available that will help you go pink.



  1. You go girl! Thanks for the post. I care too about all of the women in my life that have been and might be touched by breast cancer. We need to keep fighting because there are just too many facing this battle!

  2. It's also important to keep it on people's minds. If brushing with pink ribbon toothpaste urges a woman to get a mammogram, I am all for it. If using pink ribbon butter means someone will be curious about swelling or redness on their breast and have it checked out, and even get diagnosed with IBC before Stage IV, I am all for it! It's another blessing with the funds for the research! Although I am also for just donating to a cancer foundation/organization like Susan B. Komen online....

  3. I've actually documented my journey with Inflammatory Breast Cancer so far. I have recorded my prayer requests, my first line of defense/protection/healing! Please feel free to check it out. Just a reminder, this is a journey in progress!


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