Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hat Tricks - Quick and Easy Gifts, Fabric Flowers!

Here are some fun uses for the flowers in the VLOG. Use them as hat or scarf pins, hair clips, headband embellishments, or even as package toppers. Add your own flair to just about anything. Be creative with how you use them!

Begin with rough cup 1" to 1.5" fabric circles. Stack circles and pass through back side of circles, through a bead, and out the other side of the circles. Continue until all 7 "petals" are strung.

Thread back through the first petal to close the flower. Pull till the flower is the form you would like it to be. Knot thread From the back, thread through each flower to secure the shape and then pull thread up through the center of the flower.

Thread a larger bead or button in the center of the flower and knot at the back of the flower. Affix your new creation to a hair clip, a pin, or a headband to complete this quick and easy project!

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