Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fortyness... I Resolve to Make No Resolutions!

It is that time of year again. The time of year when we reflect on the things we want to change and vow to ourselves that on January 1st we will no longer "be" what ever it is we want to change. It is the time for New Year Resolutions.

What is a resolution anyway? A search on spits back no less than 12 definitions of resolution. Each one of them implies a set conclusion, a clear cut result or a set in stone opinion, outcome, or frame of mind. There is no room for wavering, veering off course, or change of mind without completely negating the meaning of resolution.

If you are like me, you have probably made hundreds of New Year resolutions by the time you have come into your fortyness. These resolutions have been all over the goal map. There are years that there is a resolution to finally get finances set. Other years it may be a resolution to finally get that dreaded "10" pounds off for good. Still in other years it may be to quit smoking, de-clutter, to call your mother once a week, or to once and for all get all the family photos into albums or scrapbooks.

There are huge intentions, but how often do we really see the huge results?

We start out strong, budgeting, dieting, quitting cold turkey... but somewhere within the first couple of weeks we stray off course. The after holiday sale is just too tempting. The dieting feels good for a couple of weeks after all of the holiday gluttony. And that darn vice - well it just has too strong of a hold.

No need to raise a hand, but how many of you have given up on a resolution as soon as you stray? I know I have...

In my fortyness, I have come to see a resolution as a set up for failure. The word itself implies that you are immediately in the "state" of whatever your goal is. That us just not the way life is. So, in my fortyness I am rebelling against resolutions and instead will focus daily on the personal qualities that will help me reach my goals. In my fortyness, I am resolving to make no resolutions. Instead of a resolution, I will spend the next 365 striving for the tenacity, determination, strength, perseverance, and fortitude that will keep me moving one step at a time, and will lead me to the goals that I wish to accomplish in the coming year.

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  1. I like it! No point in setting yourself up for failure. It's so hard, though, not to say: this year I'm gonna be BETTER.


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