Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choices...The Struggle of Choosing the Better of Two Goods

Not all choices are hard.

The choice between clearly good and clearly bad is a pretty easy choice. I think the vast majority would not have to put much thought into this one. We see a clear line between the two choices. We have clear cut information that helps us decide the pros and cons of each. Usually the tally marks line up with the cons for the bad option and the pros for the good option. We choose the good.

The choice between two clearly bad options is also not that difficult either. Here we know that both options are not good. But in the end, we look at our list of tally marks and the one with the most negative results usually is the choice that loses. Even though we would rather not have to make a choice, the lesser of the two evils usually is the decision of choice.

But what about when you are faced in choosing the better of two goods?

This is where, at least I think, it gets hard.

Some times we are faced with choosing between two good decisions. Either choice will reap benefits. The benefits may be personal, professional, financial, or a combination of any of those things. No matter which we choose, we can't least we don't think we can. How do we make a choice?

I think the decision making process comes down to a few things.

First, a lot of soul searching needs to take place. We need to look within ourselves and see why both choices are appealing. Are they appealing because they are filling a void in ourselves? Or, are they appealing because it fills a void somewhere else or in someone else? Maybe the two fill different needs. Looking inward - although that sounds selfish on the surface, will help us to see what the appeal of the choices are. When we weigh it out, we need to follow the choice that the compass of our being is telling us to.

Next, we need to look at the long term benefits and effects of our decision. Sometimes, both choices are good in the short term, but not always in the long term. Sometimes it is appropriate to go with the option that does the greatest good for the longest amount of time. Sometimes the opposite is true.

Lastly, we need to not be afraid to commit to a choice. If we don't commit to it, it doesn't matter that the choice is good because we won't see the benefit anyway. Wasting time being wishy washy over the decision gets us no where in the long run. We need to choose boldly without regret, moving forward with the decision.

This process is not always a simple thing to do. People, emotions, situations and life make even two good choices a complex decision. Choosing between two goods can be a daunting experience. But, there is a blessing to having to choose between two goods. Even if we do make the wrong good decision we are still ahead in the game.

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