Friday, January 16, 2009

Kids -You've Gotta Love 'Em

Seriously, we’ve got to love them. It must be in our DNA.

How else can you explain the fact that when your 3 year old sees you in the shower and exclaims “Mommy, your butt is big!” , you look at them with almost more love than you had before they reminded you of the girth you still carried behind you as a result of giving birth to them!

I think one of the most amazing memories of having small children was their inhibition. They would do things that as an adult, I would never consider doing. They faced most challenges without fear and without over-analyzing the potential effects of their actions. They took things at face value. Most of all, the things they said came of a place of curiosity, honesty, and a perspective untainted by life.

I wish sometimes that I could strip my brain of everything that I have witnessed in life and start with a fresh set of eyes.

Now I am not saying that I am unhappy, overly cynical, pessimistic, and untrusting of the world around me. What I am saying is that I would love to go back and experience life with that same curiosity and unobstructed view that my kids had when they were little. I wish that I could speak my mind and observations without the complex processing of considering if it is socially acceptable or whether or not it is going to hurt someone’s feelings. I wish I could face life with the same fearlessness that my children had.

I assure you that as my children grew, we did teach them what was appropriate and respectful. My teenage kids do not tell me my butt is big anymore. Hopefully they don’t think it is. If they do, they have learned that opinion is one best kept to themselves. But, I am grateful that I had the privilege to watch them become who they are through their wearing of the uncolored, untainted and un-obstructed lenses of a child.

By the way, my daughter’s follow-up statement to “Mommy, your butt is big!” was “But, Daddy’s is huge!” Not gonna lie….that made me feel better!


  1. Wonderful post! Made me smile... Ok, the shower comment made me laugh! Rachel, my 8yr, had our scale out last night and wanted me to step on it. I did, and she exclaimed, "Daddy, you're huge!" Try rationalizing with an 8 yr old that you are at your optimal weight! Haha. Thanks for the post, catch you on Twitter!


  2. I agree with Jimmy. That is a rad blog post. It's because kids don't have much responsibility and they have room in their brains to just be carefree. one time i freaked out my family recently and rolled down a grassy hill. they got me back because they videotaped it! lol! thnaks for a great blog! have a super weekend!

  3. I've got a boy turning 5 in a few days. I love the things that come out of his mouth. I love how everything turns to play and fun, no matter what it is.

    It is possible to get some of that innocence back, at least for a while. It takes a lot of deep inner work, to see when you decided to hold yourself back, and why, and then unlearn that rule. Lather, rinse, repeat. I did a weekend retreat almost ten years ago that left me free as a five-year-old for months afterward.

    I hope someday soon we figure out the human brain enough that we can strike a balance between maturity, and freedom of spirit. Some people find it on their own. I've seen it, so I know it's possible.

  4. The three girls are adorable! I have posted often about things my children have done and said. There's enough to fill a book!


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