Friday, November 21, 2008


I just wanted to let you all know about two new blogs that I know of.

The first one is called Fudge Ripple.
This blog is a collection of "mumblings and musings" by an amazing woman. Her posts are funny, entertaining and informative. She is an awesome chef- an influence you can see in her writing. Stop by her blog'll see why I like it.

The next one is called Blogging for Boobies.
Now before anyone is taken back by the name of the blog, let me explain the origins. It is written by 19 year old college student who took part in The3Day walk against breast cancer. This along with the fact that her aunt is fighting IBC, inflammatory breast cancer, inspired her to start blogging about breast cancer. This author an amazing young woman. She is also my daughter. I am so proud of her!

You can link to these via my side bar, or you can link from the titles in this post.


  1. Angie...thanks for the nice compliment. Now I really have to keep up with my writing...I can feel you tugging me along from here :). Thank you nice.


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