Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fortyness - Springing Clean!

It is March 22, the second day of spring. The weather has been beautiful, the air crisp and clean, and the desert wild flowers are starting to bloom. It's the time of year that gets us thinking about that cleansing and refreshing ritual.... Spring cleaning.

In the next few weeks there will be tons of garage sale signs and donation trucks about the neighborhood as me and my fellow suburbanites shed our homes of a small portion of what is cluttering our personal spaces. Drawers will be gone through, that old couch will finally leave the den, the knickknacks that have collected dust for years will become the treasure of another. Closets will be emptied of those too tight, tool long, or too old pieces of clothing that we have just held on to in hopes that they will fit us again. What a refreshing feeling it will be....

This year, I will partake in the fastidious festivities of spring cleaning. There is no better way to start a new season than to de-clutter the space you are in. However, I am going to be cleaning out more than just the space between the four walls of my home.

In the third spring of my forytness, I am going to be Springing Clean! I am going to de-clutter me! It is time for those things that I have been hesitant to let go of to be tossed out, recycled, or re-purposed. That weighty bag of self doubt - I'm tired of moving it from one corner to another. That coat of worry - it takes too much energy to wear. Those shoes of desire to please everyone at every turn at every moment - it is about two decades out of fashion. And that nagging urge that I must have everything under control - well it's about as annoying as that sports watch in the junk drawer that beeps every 15 minutes. The time has come for these things to go!

In my fortyness, I want to start this season fresh. With a clean space, a clean spirit, a refreshed heart, and a clear space in my self I can a good footing to spring forward.

But first... I've got to find that sports watch in the junk drawer.... it's driving me nuts......


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