Friday, February 12, 2010

Conversation Hearts


Ah....Conversation hearts.....

Do you remember the credence we put in those in elementary school? Do you remember how scandalous it was when a certain boy gave a certain girl a Valentine with a certain conversation candy heart attached to it?

Ah.....Conversation hearts.....

The chalky, sugary, food dye infused staple of February 14th. They were the heart shaped do-dads that we glued onto doilies, red hearts, and Valentine crafts to bring home to our parents - the favorite February festive craft of the elementary art class teacher.

Ah...conversation hearts......

The little candy "love notes" that try and relay how much our true love...or at least our Valentine of the day...cared for us.

There is no doubt about it, if there were no conversation hearts, Valentine's Day just would not be the same. That little bite-size sweet gesture is such an iconic part of the day that celebrates love - or at least being "in love." Even if you can't stand the the taste of the treat or smirk at the sayings on them that change from generation to generation (OK....TEXT ME is just plain silly to put on a candy heart....), I bet you still have a soft spot in your heart for the high fructose fortified feeling filled hearts that say romance on this special day.

No matter who we are, somewhere deep inside, let's face it, we all want to get a good conversation heart. A pink heart bearing "I LUV U" declarations, a green proclaiming your "SOUL MATE" status, or a white heart exclaiming a passionate "I WANT U", all carry the messages we desire to hear on this special day of romantic celebration. It's human and natural...we all want to feel loved.

I truly appreciate the conversation hearts. I have a bag here on my desk as inspiration (and a snack) as write this. Some of the sayings are trite and maybe even a bit shallow, and some could use some updating. But I still get that ushy gushy feeling when I read the sayings and daydream of my Valentine picking out just the right hearts with the right romantic sayings to give to me.... "I'LL DO THE DISHES"...."DOG"S BEEN FED"..."I'LL DEAL WITH THE KIDS".....


  1. I love it! Don't forget, "I'll fix dinner" or "laundry's put away" or "get what you want, you deserve it" OK, that last one might not fit....


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